selected publications in reversed chronological order.


  1. Egocentric Planning for Scalable Embodied Task Achievement
    Xiaotian Liu, Hector Palacios, and Christian Muise
    NeurIPS 2023, poster., 2023
  2. Improving Generalization in Task-oriented Dialogues with Workflows and Action Plans
    Stefania Raimondo, Christopher Pal, Xiaotian Liu, David Vazquez, and Hector Palacios
    arXiv preprint arXiv:2306.01729, 2023
  3. A Knowledge Compilation Perspective on Queries and Transformations for Belief Tracking
    Alexandre Niveau, Hector Palacios, Sergej Scheck, and Bruno Zanuttini
    Annals of Mathematics and Artificial Intelligence, 2023
    Accepted. Camera ready sent.
  4. Systems and methods for enforcing constraints in character recognition
    Hector Palacios, and Pierre-André Noël
    Mar 2023
    US Patent US11615260B2
  5. Systems and methods for using constraints to generate database queries
    Pierre-André Noël, Hector Palacios, and Thierry Moisan
    Apr 2023
    US Patent US20230128290A1


  1. Scaling up ML-based Black-box Planning with Partial STRIPS Models
    Matias Greco, Alvaro Torralba, Jorge A Baier, and Hector Palacios
    arXiv preprint arXiv:2207.04479, Apr 2022
  2. A planning based neural-symbolic approach for embodied instruction following
    Xiaotian Liu, Hector Palacios, and Christian Muise
    Interactions, Apr 2022
  3. Systems and methods for enforcing constraints to predictions
    Hector Palacios, and Pierre-André Noël
    Mar 2022
    US Patent US20220101162A1


  1. Method and system for improving quality of a dataset
    Torsten Scholak, Lee Zamparo, Hector Palacios, Kamil Legault, Pierre-André Noël, and Krzysztof Majewski
    Aug 2021
    US Patent US20210240680A1


  1. Compiling Contingent Planning into Classical Planning: New Translations and Results
    Hector Palacios, Alexandre Albore, and Hector Geffner
    In Proc. ICAPS Workshop on Models and Paradigms for Planning under Uncertainty, Aug 2014


  1. Compiling Uncertainty Away in Non-Deterministic Conformant Planning
    Alexandre Albore, Hector Palacios, and Hector Geffner
    In ECAI 2010, Aug 2010


  1. Compiling uncertainty away in conformant planning problems with bounded width
    Journal of Artificial Intelligence Research, Aug 2009
  2. A translation-based approach to contingent planning
    Alexandre Albore, Hector Palacios, and Hector Geffner
    In Proceedings of the 21st International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence (IJCAI), Aug 2009